Compilation of Magazine Issues

We have received various requests over the past few months to have the old issues available. We have put together a big file of all of them, together, all four issues from 2007, four issues from 2008, two issues from 2009, two issues from 2010, one issue from 2011, and 4 issues from 2012; 15 issues in total. We hope the following file will allow you to have them all in one place. The download link will be provided to you automatically after purchase, to the email you used to check out.

Our friend, Kathy Bouras, put together a list of what is included in this compilation, 15 issues total with 167 patterns total, plus all the articles and features from the magazine issues. Thank you Kathy for this informative list:  Loom Knitters Circle Archived Compilation Issues 2007 info. An index is also available: Loom Knitters Circle Pattern Listings Index 2007-2012

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